Hacks, Experiments & volunteer endeavors

This is my attempt to list everything I've made for myself and for communities I've been involved with over the years.

Portland Tech Community Organizing

Through event planning, infrastructure building, and general rabble-rousing, I've been involved in the Portland tech community since 2007.

  • In 2008, I co-founded Calagator, Portland's tech calendar, and have been a core developer and project leader through eight years of development.
  • I've been involved with Open Source Bridge since it began, designed its logo, and have served as conference co-chair for the past five years.
  • Open Source Bridge spawned an open source project to collect proposals and manage the event schedule: OpenConferenceWare.
  • I was one of the founding directors of Stumptown Syndicate, a nonprofit dedicated to creating resilient, radically inclusive tech and maker communities in Portland through events and education.
  • As a complement to Calagator, I started ePDX: a directory of the people, projects, groups and companies that make up Portland's tech world. Citizenry, its open source codebase, has been used by other communities to run similar directories (and was translated into French).
  • I co-founded and designed materials for WhereCampPDX, Portland's annual unconference at the intersection of geography, technology, design, and culture.
  • In various capacities, I've worked to organize BarCamp Portland, Ignite Portland, the Portland Ruby Brigade, and many other events and gatherings.

Other Projects