Event Planning, Identity, Website

WhereCampPDX is Portland's yearly unconference at the intersection of geography, technology, design, and culture. Audrey Eschright and I co-founded the event in 2008, drawing inspiration from earlier WhereCamps held in the bay area.

I designed WhereCampPDX's northwest compass logo and other conference materials in 2008 and have updated the WhereCampPDX website using a new map of Portland each year.

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Most recently, in 2014, our site features Eleanor Lutz's Woodcut map tiles via Mapbox:

The 2013 site is based on Portland, Oregon: The Age of a City by Justin Palmer:

In 2012, the background comes from a fascinating collection of Soviet military topo maps (specifically, section L-10):

2011's site features an aerial photo of downtown and inner Portland neighborhoods from 1955 from the City of Portland:

The colorful background of the 2010 site comes from T.M. Hulburt's 1894 Paving Map of Portland from the City of Portland archives:

2009's stark concentric rings come from a 1928 map of the Industrial Districts of Portland from the City of Portland archives:

Our first site was built around an 1897 USGS map of Portland from the Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin: