Let’s build something wonderful

Fusing a design background with years of software development experience, I've helped both early-stage and established companies solve problems and turn ideas into reality. My roles tend to involve full-stack web development with a smattering of user experience and product design. In my ideal workflows, I'm quickly creating prototypes, iterating and refining them, then refactoring to produce clean, well-tested, production-ready work. I'm particularly fond of maps, data visualization, and bright colors.

I'm currently living in Stockholm, Sweden for a year. I'm currently seeking remote-friendly work or employment in Stockholm, either on a contract or full-time basis. I have experience working and communicating well on distributed teams.

Technical Expertise

I started building things on the web around 1997, experimenting in hand-coded HTML, then Perl and PHP. Since 2007 I've built web apps, tools, and services primarily in Ruby, with occasional detours into Python and Node. On the front-end, I've built complex interfaces both in vanilla JavaScript and with the help of tools like Backbone, D3, and Angular. The language I'm most interested in playing with next is probably Elixir.

Selected Design Work


Event Planning, Identity, Website


Project Leadership, Design, Development

Open Source Bridge

Event Planning, Identity, Website, Materials




Web Application, Identity


Web Application, Open Source Project

ArcGIS Explorer Online Critique

Design Critique

Unicorn Gifts & Toys

Identity, Website, Advertising

T's Restaurant & Bar

Identity, Website, Advertising

Wikimedia Commons

Logo Design

Folding for a Living Planet

Senior Design Thesis, PNCA


Zine Project

Local Bite

Website Concept

Course Cart

Web Application Concept

Museum of Electricity

Identity, Materials